Sunday, December 24, 2017

weird Santa

One of the oddest depictions of Santa Claus I've seen.

It's appropriate, I reckon, since I'm probably having an odd Christmas compared to many folks. No children here and most of my family are a thousand miles away. It's just me and the dog.

The thermometer says 50 degrees F. but the wind is howling from the north at 25mph, so it feels closer to freezing, at least to me. It's a good day to hunker down indoors with a cup of hot coffee and some freshly baked cookies.

Instead of Christmas, I'm celebrating some accomplishments of the past year, and I'm looking forward to finishing some big projects during the new year. The last few days I've been deleting many old files from my computer desktop and organizing the ones I'm keeping. It can be hard to find something when you know it's in "Today's Stuff", but that folder contains a "This Week" folder, and that contains a "Files Accessed Today" folder, and at least a couple hundred files are only labeled "Screen Shot" or "some weird number downloaded from some website somewhere".

This is a detail of an 8 foot long kitchen countertop I hope to finish within the next month or so. I brought the unfinished counter in from the garage and it's now in my sewing room. Everything needs to remain above 50-60 degrees for a specified time during the laminating process and there was too much fluctuation outside. Also it's no fun working in an unheated garage. Needless to say, all progress on my latest quilt has stopped. All my sewing stuff is covered in sheets to prevent the accumulation of sawdust and other debris from working on the counter. There's barely room for me to move around anyway. I removed these clamps today and have begun sealing the area where the sink will go. More on this later.

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