Friday, February 28, 2014

modern art 2

Here's the final masterpiece on the wall. I didn't get all of the edge painted because I had the canvas upside down when I was working on it and I thought that edge would face the other direction. Even though it's 24x36 inches in size, the painting looks a bit lost on the wall. It does add a nice punch of color to the room, though. I just need a bigger canvas. I found a great tip on the Little Green Notebook blog, which is to find an old canvas painting at a thrift store and use that. You might even score a nice frame, to boot.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

fifi goes modern

I've been wanting a large piece of modern art to go on a dark paneled wall in my 1970s house. I've had this old wrapped canvas I picked out of someone's bulk trash years ago and decided it was time to start my career as an abstract expressionist. I had previously attached a poster to the canvas with mod podge or something else and I couldn't "unglue" most of it, so my first step was to just dab paint all over the canvas to cover the poster. I couldn't disguise the edges of the poster (you can still see some of the edges) so I slathered on some sculpting gel perpendicular to the poster's border. The gel created a nice texture, giving the illusion of layers of paint, so I added more to a few areas in the middle. This is the result so far. I'm so inspired I may have to purchase a few blank canvases for more experiments. Cheaper than "real" art and ten times more satisfaction.