Wednesday, January 31, 2018

week 4.5

It's only the last day of January and I have spring fever. When the sun shines as it has the last few days, and the morning gets warm I want to be outside. I fell behind on my 365 Project but managed  to catch up. These are Cards 26-31.

I'm going through glue sticks like nobody's business. Back-to-school sale, where are you when I need you?

I don't know what kind of ink my bottle of Aladinne blue is, but it doesn't play nice with Dr Ph Martin's inks. It's a little less permanent & sort of mixed with Dr Martin's yellow, making a muddy blotch behind Carmen Miranda. One of those "happy accidents" Bob Ross used to mention. Happy no doubt, but it convinced me I needed to get some blue ink that would play more nicely.

If I could remember my dreams and write them down I'd have a sci-fi best seller.

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