Sunday, December 29, 2013

out with the old

Earlier this year I bought a 1970s era ranch-style house. It's much darker than a real "mid century" ranch house. This is the main bathroom in all its 70s glory: popcorn ceiling, beige marbleized formica, brass swag lights mixed with nickel faucets, fake oak hollow-core door, a frameless builders' mirror stuck to the wall behind the vanity and floral/striped wallpaper that is driving me crazy. The beige cabinet was probably painted white to help sell the house and the paint is already coming off. The drawer handles may have been shiny once but are now dark & caked with verdigris & white paint. I pieced several photos together to make this pic so the bath looks bigger & brighter than it is. In reality there's only about 3 feet between vanity & tub. It's dark. It's blah. It's gotta go.

My goal for 2014 is to make over the bath for under $500. Several months ago I replaced the original 5-gallon toilet with a new 1.2 gallon model, so I'm not counting that. I've already seen savings on my water bill, so I think it will soon pay for itself.

More to come as things progress.

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