Monday, December 30, 2013

Color Scheming

I've been "out of commission" for a few weeks with a pulled muscle & pinched nerve, so I've been doing all my bath remodeling planning on the computer. Above is a closer look at some of the color combos in my bath. Warm gold pulls with cool silver fixtures. Warm beige tiles & wallpaper with cool white porcelain tub and blue toned white paint on the vanity. Floral wallplate adding to the confustion with yellow tones.

 I've looked at hundreds of examples of beautiful bathrooms wondering how to create a pleasing color scheme out of this jumble. I decided to create a chip chart of the things I would not change and go from there. I used Valspar's color selector for most of my chips.

I would not remove the tile  on the floor and around the tub, nor the white sink and tub, nor the formica countertop. To match the existing silver fixtures I decided to replace all the drawer pulls with simple chrome pulls. To make the sink and tub look whiter and brighter I decided to paint the vanity black and chose an off white paint for the walls. Below is my computerized color chart. I still need to pick up some printed chip charts and match them to the real thing.

Still doing the computer thing I picked swatches of art and fabric I like, chose colors from the Valspar Paint site, and added them to my basic chart. It seems to me my basic chart is now a warm neutral beige and any number of colors might be used.

The first chart is my favorite. I could frame the multicolored poster, add a red or orange or yellow shower curtain, and pop everything with turquoise accessories.  If I get tired of the colors in a few years, I could just switch out the art and coordinate accessories as needed.

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