Saturday, September 23, 2017

the box of magic clippings

It looks like it's been 8 months since I posted anything on this blog. I thought my genealogical reboot would get the the words flowing through my fingers, but it didn't. Maybe I need to write about something a little more artsy - like Hanna's annual fall postcard swap.

Hanna has hosted this DIY postcard swap twice a year for over ten years I think, and whenever I've participated it seems to give a real boost to my creativity. This year, however, I didn't feel very creative & I wasn't sure I would be able to create ten postcards from scratch, so before I signed up for the swap I decided to dig through a couple of my boxes of old clippings to see if there was any magic left. I'm happy to report there is.

One of the fun things about this swap is seeing other people's creative processes. It's a puzzling thing the way the mind works. I've described my process before, but I'm taking another look at it now.

Collage is my method of choice for making postcards. Below is a glimpse into one of my boxes of clippings from magazines, ads, and other paper media. I have four old 10x10 inch Kodak boxes that once contained round slide trays. Now they are filled with clippings of birds, small landscapes, faces I like, and all kinds of colorful this and thats. They're not organized. I tried that once and it didn't work well for me. I prefer the randomness created by a messy collection of dissimilar parts.

I usually use cardboard cut from cereal boxes or six-packs of Texas beer as a base for my cards and I like to have a few cut to size before I start dipping into my collection of paper clippings. It helps me see how a piece will fit onto a finished postcard. On the table to the right of my Kodak box I have a few pieces I've been arranging on some pre-cut cards.

I pretty much just start fishing out clippings from the box and spreading them out on the table until a couple of things seem to go together. Usually it's color combinations that catch my eye. This yellow bird, below, looked so bright against the dark cityscape I thought they belonged together. The cityscape was big enough to cover an entire card, so it'll be the background. I played with positioning the bird in different places and then started looking for other colorful pieces that might work as part of the composition. Sometimes I think of silly captions and I'll look for a clipping that adds to what I'm thinking. I have a caption for this postcard already, but I'm not telling what it is, at least not just yet.

Wouldn't you like to get ten handmade cards in the mail?

Go HERE to learn more about Hanna's international postcard swap.


iHanna said...

This is how my collage process works too (and just seeing your collage box makes me long to make a few collages actually). I love how serendipitous it feels when a great collage comes together without "any effort" (at least it seems like that sometimes, right?)

Happy collaging and quilting!

Zannie by the sea said...

yes, I would like to get 10 cards and keep thinking about joining in this swap