Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter-egg colors

I've been looking online at a lot of record album cover art from the 1950s lately. I thought framing a couple of old covers would be an inexpensive way of inserting some mid-century art into my wood-paneled living room. I learned these old albums aren't as thrifty as I'd like them to be. I couldn't found anything I liked at local thrift stores, so I ended up paying about $10 apiece for 2 records on ebay. This cover isn't one I bought, but I do like the happy colors, and maybe I'll buy it someday. The artist is George Giusti and this happy illustration seems typical of many of his album designs. I could probably fill a whole wall with his bright colors. Giusti was active mainly in the 1940s through the 60s, and he not only designed album covers, but also book covers, and he illustrated articles for magazines. This was back when commercial artists weren't considered to be "real" artists. Giusti knew better: he said, "Art is art." I agree.

Here are a few easter egg colors from my back yard: phlox, iris, marigold.

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