Monday, January 13, 2014

If someone says,

"Expect the unexpected," slap them in the face & say, 

"I bet you didn't expect that!"


Home fixups rarely go the way I think they'll go.  I removed the doors to the vanity, removed the hinges, labeled everything, then went to work sanding the old paint off the doors & scrubbing the white paint off the dark brass hinges. After looking at the doorless vanity for a few days, though, I thought it might be better to leave the doors off. Naked like this, the vanity feels longer, leaner, and less cluttered. I thought I could put in a shelf on the left side to match the right side and make it more symmetrical.

So then the bathroom redo project slapped me upside the face. I knew water had leaked onto the floor of the cabinet and warped the pressboard pretty badly, but I thought I'd solved the problem by tightening up the connectors at the P-trap. Once I removed the two ledges inside the left cabinet and got my first good look at the underside of the sink I realized there was more water leaking from the sink. The previous owners replaced the drop-in sink at some time, but the newer sink was a little too small for the opening in the countertop. There is a small gap at the back of the sink which lets water run down under the cabinet. I then found one of the handles in the faucet was leaking water on the same side. Now I need to find a sink to fit the opening and also replace the old faucet. I wasn't looking for adventures in plumbing, but they were looking for me. I'm just hopeful that when I remove the sink I don't find the supporting pressboard underneath has turned to mush.

PS: Note the expert way in which the hole in the wall was covered with duct tape.

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