Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Love Lucy

Another one of the first few postcards made for Hanna's DIY swap. Like the camel-landscape, this one almost created itself. I think Serendipity is my favorite "method" of collaging. In other words, I don't necessarily look to create a specific picture; I just pick up pieces from my collection of scraps that have naturally associated with each other.

I went through some freebie catalogues a few weeks ago, clipping items that caught my eye. I was really happy to get a few pics of Lucille Ball - I just love her facial expressions. The clippings piled onto a few others scattered on the kitchen table, and by the time I transferred them to my desk and began to work, Lucy & the Life Savers had found each other. Voila! a collage. All I had to do was paint a background which sort of matched the Life Saver ad and add a few small bits of color to balance out the composition. If only the rest of them had come so easily I would have had my ten postcards done in an hour.

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