Tuesday, November 5, 2013

camel, camel, burning bright

My first postcard for Hanna's DIY Postcard Swap practically made itself. I have a particular fondness for the original illustration found on packs of Camel cigarettes. I usually pick up discarded packs to use for collage when I'm out walking. Several years ago I started finding "art" packs lying about. After a bit of googling I discovered Camel spends a lot of effort creating new designs to market their product. I wonder how many children, teens, hipsters, or non-USA citizens have picked up a nasty and deadly habit because they were attracted to a cool package. Many of these packages were sold as part of a set, so you could buy a whole series of packaging. I don't even smoke, yet I'm fascinated by the designer packs. (This isn't a new phenomena. Tobacco in general has a long history of interesting advertising.)

Camel Cigarettes Art Packs

Can you identify the famous artist associated with each of these packs?

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