Thursday, December 25, 2014

orange & turquoise

A vintage Anholt ashtray I got for Christmas and a  lighter I picked up off the ground on one of my walks (It still works!) These ashtrays were originally ceramic and made by the Coors company of Colorado. This one however is a "safety" ashtray made of melamine and boy, howdy, do I love that boomerang shape. It just shouts "mid century" and that deep orange perfectly complements the color scheme I'm working on in my living room. One of these ashtrays appeared in Betty's interrogation scene in "Mad Men" a few years ago.

I'd never heard of the "Clipper" brand of lighters and noticed the URL had a appended to it, so I looked it up; Clipper is based in Barcelona, Spain. There's an official site for the UK but not for the US. Upon a bit more searching I found these lighters are favored by pot smokers and except for online retailers are usually only found in head shops in the U.S. Judging from the prices listed on Amazon these lighters cost about twice as much as the disposable lighters I usually find laying around. This one's so cute with that Texas boot on it I'll probably keep it with my collection of miscellaneous junk after it stops working.

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