Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Land Slug

This blog seems to have changed into "Fifi's Garden Adventures". I'm spending a lot more time outside gardening & discovering new creatures & I'm too lazy to write about them in a journal. Plus I'd have to lug the laptop into my office, connect to the printer, and print a photo to remind me what I'm writing about. Too much work after working in the yard. (I had the chain saw out one day, the axe another day - dang! it wears me out.)

Couple days back I turned over a rock and found this slug. First one I have seen in many years. We have tons of snails here, and I saw lots of snails at various places I lived in North Texas, but never a slug. When I was a kid in Seattle we saw lots of slugs but not snails. We used to pour salt on them and watch them dissolve. Apparently it's an old tradition in some parts. I didn't salt this one though. I read that some of their deadliest enemies are the larvae of lightning bugs, and there are plenty of those around, so I'll let nature take its course.

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