Friday, January 3, 2014

white-winged dove

We have a bunch of white-winged doves in the neighborhood and they usually visit our back yard at least once a day. We call them our "chickens". I think they are a bit more intelligent than mourning doves, plus they have such pretty eye coloring. The mourners never learned how to get seeds out of our bird feeder, but the white-wings, on the other hand sometimes engage in odd acrobatics to balance themselves on the feeders so they can get an easy meal. Our back-yard feeders are more entertaining than TV.

One of my goals this year is to finally sort through many of my old photos and to add them to my Bird Checklist Page on this blog; also to keep observing and trying to take new photos of birds I see. I think having visual cues for my "Life List" will help me remember which birds I've seen and which ones to look for. Most of the images will be photos taken by me somewhere in Texas, although there may be a few from other localities.

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